Dance …. has many faces, is mysterious, sparkling, silent .... and energetic!


I believe that what originally and uniquely moves within each of us always remains part of you. For me, dance is the most accessible way to invite and encourage this.

       5Rhythms     Sietske Venema


5RitmesWeekly class.

A workout for your body, for your mind, for your pleasure.

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Open FloorWorkshops

The Netherlands.
My own workshops, but also of guest teachers.
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The foreign workshops in which I am involved. I give many Encounter workshops, and also workshops that I give together with other teachers and finally workshops in which I assist.
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Circle of 3

The Circle of 3 is a free space where inspiration, support, exploration, creativity and dancing come to life. Answers to questions and solutions to problems can be found here.

In a small group of 3 people we investigate the things that we want to change and / or investigate

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My music

With the help of Mixcloud I make it possible for you to listen to the music at your home.
Have fun, and dance a bit!

Under Links you can find more playlists I've put on Mixcloud.