Dance …. has many faces, is mysterious, sparkling, silent .... and energetic!


Dance your life is for everyone who wants to move and represents a creative process of growth and development through dance and movement, through 5Rhythms and Open Floor.

Dance and movement supports presence and change: change of mood, daily tensions, acceptance, letting go. It is a way to get something stuck in motion again and to discover more freedom. Dance gives space to our desire for growth and development. Movement refreshes and opens up for new activities and promotes more presence in the here and now.

It brings people together to create, share experiences and have fun with dance and movement as a starting point. It is a journey to fully 'learn to live' the unfolding adventure of life.

The experience is unique for everyone. You do not learn fixed dance steps, you move from your inner self. Move what you can and want to move. The dance that arises can be delicate, subtle or wild and exuberant. It can be about discovering your body or relieving stress and tension. But it can also be about relationships, about being present for yourself and the other person, and about what happens between you two, or about being together and being different. About ecstasy or a silent meditation or ...... just the pleasure of a great physical workout.

   Sietske Venema-
Sietske Venema

With DancingLife I want to offer you the creative process of dance & movement in which thinking, feeling and acting come together. A method where you will learn a lot about yourself. You will not only increase your self-awareness. Light-heartedly you will also learn how to work with this method in your daily life and work. Because the more you live from who you are, the more you use your own wisdom and your full potential.

Through my own (life) experience, by following different studies,

but especially through my own personal growth, passion and interest in dance and the psychology of movement, I develop and refine and deepen my way of guiding.

Constantly I remain curious and inspired by what moves in us and by us and its significance in our personal and human themes. Every individual dance, every creativity within a group that 'dances together’ is an encounter with human stories, which always touches and inspires me.

I invite you wholeheartedly to move and dance with me.

My offer:
5Rhythms & Open Floor

5RitmesWeekly class.

A workout for your body, for your mind, for your pleasure.

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Open FloorWorkshops

The Netherlands.
My own workshops, but also of guest teachers.
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The foreign workshops in which I am involved. I give many Encounter workshops, and also workshops that I give together with other teachers and finally workshops in which I assist.
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Circle of 3

The Circle of 3 is a free space where inspiration, support, exploration, creativity and dancing come to life. Answers to questions and solutions to problems can be found here.

In a small group of 3 people we investigate the things that we want to change and / or investigate

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My music

With the help of Mixcloud I make it possible for you to listen to the music at your home.
Have fun, and dance a bit!

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