Emotions guide us, help us to recover or take steps and provide information about what we need. They provide feedback on how our inner world interacts with the outer world. Every human being has an inner drive to survive, both physically and on the layer of identity. It has to protect the body and the identity.

Emotions are part of our humanity. In many places emotions are still taboo, we suppress them, reject them and condemn them. The same old patterns keep repeating themselves, the same thoughts keep creating the same feelings. If we can allow ourselves to express our emotions, it is liberating. Then the energy can flow through again, you can feel the joy of life and the passion again.

Each rhythm offers an opening to a basic emotion:
Flowing - Fear     |  Staccato - Anger |
Chaos - Sadness  |  Lyrical  -  Joy      |
Silence - Compassion

This workshop focuses on exploring the energy of emotions. The intention is to create a safe environment to see what we discover about ourselves when we set the emotions in motion. To develop more awareness about the emotions and what they have to tell you.

Only expressing emotions is not beneficial. (I don't need to explain that). One anger is very healthy, the other destructive. Awareness and recognition of the arising of an emotion gives understanding of the message of the emotion.

The emotion is the messenger that precedes expressing yourself; the emotion is not 'the one' doing the expressing. What does this emotion want to prompt you to do? How you want to express it; that is your choice and consciousness gives you a choice.

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For whom
Experience in the 5Rhythms is a prerequisite.
When there are English speaking subscribers, the workshop will be in Dutch and English

Saturday 25 September - Sunday 26 September 2021.

Saturday 10.30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday 10.30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Gym of Beukenrodeschool
Doorn, Netherlands

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Price includes coffee, tea and fruit. Please provide your own lunch.


Eckhart Tolle  -  You have a choice:
If an emotion arises, you can express it or suppress it. And it can easily be transformed if you stay present to it.
Allow yourself to experience emotion, without personalising it and without drowning in it.
Recognise it as energy.
It is energy.
And perceive it.'