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WAVES® -Physical Freedom

In Waves we focus is on physically experiencing of the movement that is specific to each of the 5Rhythms: flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and silence. We also examine the light and shadow sides of each rhythm.

The focus: the body as a flowing entity. The result: we discover our feet and we stop holding our breath.

HEARTBEAT® - Emotional Freedom

In Heartbeat we explore how every rhythm can be an opening to a specific emotional field.

The focus: the spontaneous heart.
The result: We can feel when our heart is open, when it is closed, and what all this has to do with love.

CYCLES - Psychological Freedom

At cycles level we work with the 5Rhythms to investigate the different development phases. We see that each rhythm gives a 'gateway' to a specific phase of life.

The focus: letting go of the past and initiation into masculinity and femininity.
The result: We gain insight into our own story without being ruled by it.

MIRRORS - Freedom of the mind

We use The Mirrors Map to recognize our "Ego Characters"; how we all play a role in our endlessly repeating patterns; how we can learn to recognize them, give them a name; to embody; exaggerate them and practice dis-identification. So that from there, even under pressure, we come closer to authenticity, soul, each other, life and freedom.

The focus: taking responsibility for our actions and responses.
The result: Knowing who we are and who we are not is an important contribution to everything.

THE SILVER DESSERT - The universal

In Silver Dessert we return to the breath, reconnect with the source through movement and meditation, while enjoying peace and quiet.

The focus: Gaining insight into the universal in all of us